About Cast Shirts

It’s all about the fit. . . . .

Every woman should own a beautifully tailored shirt that she can dress up with a smart suit or throw on with her favourite pair of jeans.

It sounds so simple.

But when it actually comes down to it, can you really say you have a shirt that fits the way you want it to? Does the shirt that looks so tempting on the hanger gape or pull awkwardly at the bust when you put it on? Or maybe when you tried it on, asking for your usual size, it wouldn't do up, and you had to get the next size up, only to find yourself wearing a beautifully tailored tent? Does it split annoyingly, just at the point where you were hoping for a bit of coverage?

At Cast we've had enough!! Why should women put up with shirts that don't fit? Just as you can buy trousers in different lengths, it makes perfect sense to us that shirts should have different bust fittings.

So, after much research and many pointy prototypes, we have redesigned, reconfigured, reconsidered and patented every detail to make our shirts a perfect fit. (Patent No. GB2457477)

Discover the Difference that makes the Difference…

Try on a Cast shirt and discover for yourself how wonderful it feels to finally wear a beautiful shirt that fits.



Women's Tailoring as it ought to be

When you wear a Cast shirt you will instantly feel how hourglass tailoring makes all the difference.


Customised darts in three bust fittings for each dress size deliver curvaceous contours in exactly the right places leaving perfection in fit at the waist and at the bust.


Three buttons, cleverly placed and concealed under an interlined placket mean clean lines rule and gapes are gone. No matter how enthusiastically you might hail that taxi.


Because our shirts are cut to fit, they never ride up, whether you tuck them in or wear them loose


Luxurious Italian cottons and slinky stretch silks with beautiful details to suit your different moods.